Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Diwali eve blasts in Delhi

The Diwali eve blasts in Delhi have dampened the celebrations, but this is what the terrorists intended. This is not the first time that they have chosen the festival season. In 1994, Umar Saeed Sheikh, the man convicted for Daniel Pearl's killing, had a grisly plan on hand, but it failed. He kidnapped four western tourists and chained them in an east Delhi shack. He planned to execute them one by one, but the police stumbled onto one of the hideouts and Sheikh was arrested after a shootout that injured him. In 1999, he was released in exchange for a plane load of passengers of an Indian Airlines jet that had been hijacked to Kandahar, Afghanistan.
I think the war against terrorism is going to be a long war. The Bush administration also claimed that the war against terrorism would be long, but they clearly did not know what they were talking about it. They screwed up things by misdirecting America's anger at Nine Eleven, as well as America's great capacities to make war on Iraq. The war needs to be fought justly, as well as with far greater finesse than is being displayed today. I have written a piece in the The Hindustan Times that I will upload tomorrow. For the present this is the reference:,00120001.htm


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