Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Rediff response

On July 30 Rediff has posted my response to Raman, and his further response. Since my views are available down below, I am posting Raman's point:

"I do not agree with Shri Manoj Joshi's account of the origin of the 1971 war. The R&AW or the intelligence community as a whole do not need a certificate regarding their prowess except from the policy-makers and the political leaders of the day under whom they work. I had referred to the details of the French case because my reference in passing to it in my book had been projected by sections of the media as a sensational revelation and some scepticism expressed over its correctness. I referred to the details in my article to underline that it was not a revelation, but a recall.

When one talks of penetration, what is important in making a damage assessment is not just the level of penetration, but what they got from it. Similarly, what is important is not what people believed, but what the court said in its order of conviction. The order, inter alia, referred to reports of the IB and the R&AW and 'secret official codes'."

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